Wood Stove Pollution is Deadly
Wood Stove Pollution 
Wood smoke pollution is a major source of air pollution in many cities and states across the US and Canada. In fact, the harmful pollution from wood burning smoke is a major problem world wide. There are over 8 million un-certified wood stoves in the US that produce tons of harmful particulates, VOC's, PAH and CO every day.
The StoveCAT is the Only Viable Solution

There is only one proven technology to reduce the pollution from wood burning stoves and wood heaters. The StoveCAT was performance tested at Omni Environmental Laboratories in Portland, OR. Our catalytic retro-fit device was proven to reduce particulates PM and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH by 80% while eliminating 60% of the carbon monoxide. There is no other retro-fit device with this type of performance. Get more information: CLICK HERE
Our catalytic technology is state-of-the-art utilizing a Zirconia Alumina catalyst support with a proprietary Nano- Platinum catalyst which fires at a very low 300F. Each device is equipped with a thermometer. The thermometer allows you to monitor the catalytic temperature. Contact us for our "limited time" discount pricing. Our patented ceramic foam is produced by Selee Corporation. See Patent:
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