For Wood Burning Fireplaces

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The Healthy Hearth Emission Control Technology is a patented catalytic system designed especially for wood burning fireplaces.  It will work in either masonry or factory built fireplaces. It is NOT recommended for Rumford fireplaces. PureFire is EPA Phase II Qualified. It is positioned directly above the fireplace grate against the back wall of the firebox. The Hood captures the smoke and particulates while most of the dilution air bypases the hood and travels up the primary flue system. The catalytic System provides secondary ignition for the combustibles before they leave the firebox as harmful particulate pollution. The direct flame on the catalytic surface actually cleans the combustors. The catalytic System creates a clean wood burning fireplace. This is the only passive technology available for emission control of wood smoke emissions from fireplaces. Follow manufacturers directions for installation. In some fireplaces you will need to install a smoke deflector.
The Catalytic System is Invisible to the Homeowner
Ambiance is an important part of the wood burning experience. To preserve the ambiance, the catalytic unit is not visible to the homeowner. The design of the System allows for the proper location of the emission control device over the fireplace grate at the proper height in the top of the firebox to allow for efficient operation of the catalytic unit without being visible.

 Installation can easily be accomplished in a matter of minutes.
With the catalytic System installed and the EPA Qualified Emission Control Device in place, the wood burning fireplace is EPA Phase II Qualified and ready for efficient catalytic operation.

The catalytic system will also improve the heating efficiency of the fireplace. More heat and lower emissions! Return to Home Page.

HearthCAT Installation
The catalytic system can be installed in less than an hour. The unit is designed to be installed as an add-on device. The bracket installation system can be used in either masonry of factory built fireplaces. The catalytic unit is mounted on two brackets that are mechanically attached to the side walls of the firebox. Insure that the firebox is structurally sound before beginning the installation. The brackets will be mounted on the sides of the firebox using the screws and brackets provided. It is very important to install the brackets in the proper location in the firebox as described in the Installation Instructions. Watch video for more information. Please send us an email. or all our office directly at 951-264-8725. Thank You!