ECO Standard Europe
The StoveCAT is being qualified by KIWA Test Lab in the UK for use throughout the Euro Zone to meet the mandatory Requirements of the new ECO Standard for wood burning stoves.

The StoveCAT is the only retro-fit technology that will meet the new ECO-2021 Standard. Program managed by Invica Industries in UK
Catalytic Technologies for Wood Smoke
Healthy Hearth is the only company that offers state-of-the-art emission control catalytic retro-fit devices for wood burning fireplaces, wood stoves, wood heaters and indoor and outdoor wood furnaces. We have sold thousands of emission control devices for wood burning applications all over the world. Our devices are proven to eliminate PM, CO, VOC and PAH.

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The HearthCAT from Healthy Hearth is EPA tested and qualified for all wood burning fireplaces. It will reduce particulates by at least 80% while reducing CO by at least 60%. Can be installed in an hour by the homeowner. See HearthCAT link above:
The HearthCAT is a inique catalytic device that does not require any power or maintenance. It was awarded the EPA Clean Air Excellence Award. Smoke Pollution from wood burning fireplaces is a significant environmental problem. 
The StoveCAT utilizes the same award winning catalytic technology as the HearthCAT. The StoveCAT is available in 6" and 8" sizes. It can be used in all wood burning stoves and heaters.

The StoveCAT was tested at Omni Enviromental in Portand, OR and KIWA Test in the UK and reduced PM by 80%% from baseline emissions in two un-certified woodstoves even though the moisture content of the wood fuel during the OMNI Test was 30%. KIWA Test: See Link:
EPA Approved Catalytic Combustors offers the latest EPA Approved technology for wood burning stoves. Our catalytic combustors are available in all shapes and sizes. Including Fireplace inserts and 6" & 7" rounds.

We offer replacement catalytic combustors for all makes and models of wood stoves and heaters. Our combustors don't fall apart in the wood stove from thermal crumbling like the honeycomb combustors. Our combustor will perform in a direct flame without degradation and our combustors are only 1" thick.

The picture below in an installed StoveCAT.
Inside a Wood Stove