The HearthCAT with the Integrate is perfect for the Homeowner.The homeowner does the installation. Fast & Easy. Although the HearthCAT is sold in the US through major retailers like WalMart, Sears and Amazon, we sell directly from the manufacturer.  The Healthy Hearth Emission Control Technology is a patented catalytic system designed especially for wood burning fireplaces.  It will work in either masonry or factory built fireplaces. It is NOT recommended for Rumford fireplaces. The HearthCAT is EPA Phase II Qualified. It is positioned directly above the fireplace grate against the back wall of the firebox. The Hood captures the smoke and particulates while most of the dilution air by-pases the hood and travels up the primary flue system. The catalytic System provides secondary ignition for the combustibles before they leave the firebox as harmful particulate pollution. The direct flame on the catalytic surface actBurning Hearth Products. ually cleans the combustors. The catalytic System creates a clean wood burning fireplace. This is the only passive technology available for emission control of wood smoke emissions from fireplaces. Healthy Hearth is the industry leader in Clean Burning Hearth Products. Follow manufacturers directions for installation

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BUY BACK GUARANTEE: Healthy Hearth provides a full price "Buy Back Guarantee". If you don't want the HearthCAT within 30 days after purchase, Healthy Hearth will reimburse 100% of the purchase price and pay for the shipping to return the product.
The HearthCAT from Healthy Hearth fits Most Wood Burning Fireplaces

The HearthCAT fits in most 36", 42" & 48" wood burning fireplaces. Installation Procedure. HearthCAT will eliminate most of the particulates and visible smoke and 90% of the carbon monoxide and VOC's. HearthCAT will even increase the heating efficiency of the fireplace. Even when the fire is burning at temperatures as low as 300F, the  HearthCAT is providing up to 1000F in radiant heat. Much of that heat is directed back into the living area. Contact us with questions @ 951-264-8725.

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This product is EPA Phase II Qualified to ASTM E-2558. It is tested and qualified as an add-on emission control system for wood burning fireplaces. The warranty guarantees that particulate emissions will continue to be lower than 5.1 g/kg of wood burned as required by EPA. Product will ship within 5 business days via UPS Ground. Shipping dimensions are 25" X 10" X 10". Shipping weight is 30 lbs. Contact us @ 951-264-8725